COVID-19 Disinfecting

Reduce the Spread of th Novel Coronavirus

Reduce the Spread of th Novel Coronavirus

We provide COVID-19 disinfecting services in Orlando, FL, Houston, TX and surrounding areas

Maybe you're preparing to reopen your facility after a temporary closing. Maybe you're staying on top of COVID-19 disinfecting as part of your new routine. No matter why you need COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services, you can turn to Sila Corp. Our company cleans and disinfects houses and businesses in Orlando, FL, Houston, TX and surrounding areas.

You can count on us to clean every space from top to bottom and follow a thorough COVID-19 disinfecting process. Our licensed, bonded company is fully prepared for the attentive work that disinfecting requires. Call 407-692-0498 right away for a free estimate on disinfecting services.

Find out how disinfecting differs from cleaning or sanitizing

COVID-19 cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting services are set apart by their effectiveness and desired results. You can come to us for:

Cleaning: We'll perform general cleaning and dirt and dust removal
Sanitizing: We'll use sanitizing products to remove most germs from a space
Disinfecting: We'll follow strict disinfecting procedures to eliminate as many viruses and bacteria in a space as possible

You can experience a cleaner, safer space when you get COVID-19 cleaning and disinfecting services. Contact us today to arrange for us to work on your property.